Through the Glass Portal

20160808 61.jpg

Thanks to Wikipedia, I know that glass is a non-crystalline amorphous solid that is often transparent.  Silicate glasses are historically the oldest and the most familiar to the populous.  Most windows and glass bottles are this type of glass.  The main ingredient of silica being the primary constituent of sand.  The history of glassmaking can be traced back to 3500 B.C. in coastal North Syria or Egypt.  The earliest known glass objects being glass beads.  Today, glass is as common in our daily lives as Trump's political flops or seeing super cars affixed with new driver signs in Vancouver.  Glass is likely not on people's minds as they go about their daily lives.  After all, it's commonly made to be transparent and unobtrusive.  As I float through the city taking photographs, I started paying more attention to random objects.  One of the objects being glass and its transformative nature, which is the focus of this series.  

Glass is magical.  It does more than just keeping out unwanted weather elements.  As I walk down the streets and peer into the endless windows, the thin glass transforms the space beyond into a different world.  The mere millimetres of thickness could take you anywhere like a magical portal.  Behind the glass pane, the our world is briefly on pause in favour of a designed beauty filled with glitz to capture your attention and wishes.  

Where does this magical glass portal lead?  I believe the destination of the portal is never the same since the glass is a chameleon.  Although it is mostly invisible, it does reflect a likeness of you and the world.  You are never quite seeing an objective and sterile portrayal of the world beyond.  You are seeing a reflection of who you are as much as what is presented to you.  

Other than its magical properties, it also serves to shackle us.  Glass is a polite barrier.  A breakable divider to remind us that despite the diminishing thickness of its existence, we are on the other side.  Glass could contain your desire; it could render you homeless; it could hoard your sustenance; it could remind you of everything that you are not.  Despite its best effort, the glass is only as strong as our willingness to cast a stone of catalyst to break its negative barrier.  

Regardless of how you view the glass portal, it is ever changing like the world around it.  Sometimes the space beyond the glass is infinitely more exciting and engaging.  It could be a refuge from reality.  However, you simply can't stay forever.  Through the glass portal, there lies your reflection, transported to a stranger dimension of your imagination.