Look Up

Through the lens, I am able to convey a world seen through my eyes.  Virtual reality and augmented reality are two recent digital "realities" that are poised to invade our tangible existence.  As it stands, the cellphone is doing a fine job limiting our interaction with the world.  When someone is in their routine, the world appears to shrink in its visual and physical dimensions.  At times, our gaze seem to be fixated at a height no taller than our cellphones, and when we look up, it is to quickly plan our next steps to avoid those pesky hydro poles.  What you avoided is not only the hydro poles, but you may also miss that unicorn standing on top of the hydro pole.  Wipe off the look of skepticism on your face because wikipedia says unicorns often appear on top of hydro poles.  If you don't see that on wiki, I just haven't had the time to edit it yet.  

Looking up opens a whole new world.  Your free-spirited gaze allows you make personal connections with your surroundings and fellow human beings.  You may be surprised by a ray of sunshine illuminating the road ahead or you may see a radiant smile that would be yours for the rest your lives together.  Whatever you seek, have an open mind and looking up seems like just the answer!

This is my second series of images taken with a specific message in mind.  These images emphasize the upward view of our environment.  Looking upwards may create a unique viewpoint of our architecture and surrounding, a view often missed by people.  My first series being "Through the Glass Portal".  


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