Admiration of a Bicycle

On my latest outing, something caught my eye.  Something that was simply good old Canadian ingenuity!  It was a man who was in desperate need to relax.  A man who did not have a bed in the middle of Downtown Vancouver.  Instead of packing up his stuff and hanging his head in shame, he MacGyver the sh*t out of his environment.  He was rewarded with his own oasis amongst the concrete jungle.  I salute you, Canadian Joe.  Here is his handy work:

As I was admiring the work of art above, I was also drawn to the two ladies pictured below.  They appeared to be mesmerized by a bicycle.  The intensity in their admiration in this classic form of transportation was palpable.  They clearly understood that bicycle may not simply be a way to get around.  For some, bicycling is a lifestyle and a pursuit.  The curve of the drop handlebar; the shape of the head tube; the angle of the top tube; the way the bike hangs so effortlessly in mid-air.  All of the details culminated in what I would consider to be poetry on display.  I couldn't help but to think that these ladies may even be a part of a biker gang of the human power variety.  I nodded in agreement with their choice of admiration.  

My camera jumped back and forth a couple of times between the man who should have an masters engineering degree and the ladies of impeccable taste.  I noticed something slightly odd.  They were moving forward and backwards a lot.  Between juggling my light meter, shutter speed, composition, and manual focussing, I didn't think too much of their shuffling.  After all, the steel sculpture of a bike deserves admiration from all angles and distances.  

As I started to walk away from the man who had undoubtedly found his new home for the next little while, I observed something that was slightly different from what I had imagined.  Perhaps, some would consider this to be something a little darker and more sinister.  As I contemplated this new discovery, silence blanketed my world.  The only sound was the shattering of my bicycling heart.  

THEY WERE TAKING SELFIES!!!  The bike was nothing but a make-shift selfie-stick.  The bike was no longer a machine of speed.  It was relegated to propping the phone for an intense session of selfie.  If the peloton at the Tour de France hears about this while the race is underway, I can see them simultaneously fall off their carbon dream machines at once.  A small part of me wanted to run up and throw their phone into the bush while blowing a kiss to the poor bicycle, but another part of me thought maybe I wouldn't last very long in jail.  Maybe I am not so different from those ladies since we all like taking pictures.  However, we did end up with one main difference between the ladies and myself.  I have a phone and theirs is somewhere in those bushes!  Best regards from Vancouver City Jail.  The end.

I didn't do it.  I would get fired.  I need money to buy film.  Life is full of tough choices.  

Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Until next time!