One Picture

What does one single picture say?  

Is taking pictures a waste of time or time well wasted? Sometimes I re-evaluate my drive to capture the moments around me.  These seemingly innocent slices of time that flash before my lens while transforming the film negative in a way that imitates life in that moment.  Regardless of the likeness of the photograph, the time has slipped away silently.  The grasp of time through my camera appears to be a futile exercise; however, my obsession of capturing the moments through photography is not always on the forefront of my mind as I wander around the streets.  Inevitably, the quietest moments in the loudest of places reminds me of  the reasons for my search of that illusive feeling with my camera.  This very feeling which is constructed by the pixels or grains to make up one single picture.

When I think of the picture dearest to me, it takes me somewhere.  I believe an image can transcends boundaries if you allow it to do so.  The picture may tell a story of a thousand words, or it my just give you an emotion.  An emotion that defies time and space.  That slice of time maybe long gone, but if I look closely enough, the moment comes alive.  The picture did not merely capture their looks, but it captured their essence.  The superstitious belief of the soul-stealing photographs is perhaps not as ridiculous as it might seem.  Maybe that belief is simply a reflection of the power of an image.  The power of beauty, grace, love, and immortality.  

What does a single picture say?  Everything.

A candid moment of a young couple while waiting for the lighting of the Christmas tree in Vancouver.